Max McMurdo shares some top tips for Recycling Week

Max McMurdo

Seeing as it's national Recycling Week (12-18 September), we thought we'd equip you with everything you need to get involved. So aside from your Sugru Mouldable Glue, what better than some top tips from TV presenter and upcycling supremo Max McMurdo on what to use for any upcycling project. 

And to prove that upcycling is not just for people with sheds - he’s gone for regular items and materials that can be found in any home.

jars with jam

Take a look and see which future trash can be turned into potential treasure the next time you have a clean up? 

  1. Jam jars – these make great display storage                                               

  2. Old lampshades – remove fabric to reveal a beautiful wire structure          

  3. Coat hangers – can be used to make amazing lampshades as seen on the latest Ch 4 series of ‘Fill your house for free’      

  4. Chipped crockery - oh yes, just check out this awesome teapot turned bird feeder

  5. Skateboard – make a quirky wall mounted shelf

  6. Jelly moulds or aluminium plant pots – to create gorgeous lampshades

  7. Washing machine drum – in my new book ‘upcycling’ you can learn how to make an illuminated side table from one or use it as a feature plant pot in the garden

  8. Bicycle parts – can be used in a range of projects from seating to tables    

  9. Food tins – use these to display stationary or as plant pots to create a real industrial feel.

  10. Washing up bottles – it all started with me making these into rockets as a child!

For more information about how you can get involved in Recycling Week head to the