Meet fixing hero Peter Donegan

Peter Donegan

Peter Donegan is not your average run-of-the-mill garden designer. He’s an award-laden all-round green-fingered genius whose big personality and passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces, make him one in a million. He’s also a huge fan of Sugru Mouldable Glue.

Peter’s love of gardening began at the tender age of five when he experienced the joyous miracle of planting a packet of radish seeds with his grandfather. From that moment on, he started growing plants under his bed. 

Peter Donegan's football clock

He soon progressed to earning extra pocket money cutting grass to fund his Mars Bar habit and a stash of football stickers (he’s an Arsenal fan).

Peter Donegan holding tiny flowers

By the time Peter reached nine years of age, he’d completed his first garden, claiming that “growing plants just makes me smile the most.”

Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd car

It was inevitable that Peter would make his way to Horticultural college. After which, he started his own garden design and landscaping business Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd in 2001.

At the time, Peter didn’t have a bean to his name, so he borrowed tools for his first project and his car doubled-up as his first business premises – trading out of the boot! From such humble beginnings, he forged an incredible award-winning career.

Peter’s first award was for designing and building a 55-acre 18th century estate and a 27-acre 17th century estate. Many more garden designs and national competitions followed.

A garden designed by Peter Donegan
A garden designed by Peter Donegan


Morris Minor garden

There was the Morris Minor garden with a flat screen television strategically planted under the car’s bonnet.

Peter Donega's pleasure-cruise boat painted pink

Next, a 33-foot pleasure-cruise boat painted bright pink with black windows. This creation ended up at the Electric Picnic arts and music festival opposite the main stage as part of the arts trail where The Sex Pistols were headlining.

Irish WW1 centenary peace garden at Chateau de Peronne

In 2018, Peter was one of 14 international designers chosen by a French jury to represent Ireland to design and realise the Irish WW1 centenary peace garden at Chateau de Peronne (better known as the Historial de la Grande Guerre) in France.

The Perennial Show Garden

Peter became the first Irish designer accepted to design at The Royal Horticultural Society, RHS Flower Show Cardiff winning Silver Medal for The Perennial Show Garden in April of 2019.


We were so thrilled when Peter invited us to visit him at his home near Hollywood, County Dublin (not California). Set in an acre of farmland in Ballyboughal, and almost two miles away from the nearest pub, it’s an idyllic place to imagine and experiment with new ideas.

Here Peter shares his top 5 ways to use Sugru in the garden.

1. Create a wall garden on the side of your shed

Peter Donegan with plant pots mounted to his shed with Sugru

When space is limited, this simple project will help you to up the garden ante. Peter used the side of his shed, but you can use a wall or fence just as well. Sugru will bond to all kinds of outdoor surfaces and is completely weatherproof.

A pack of Sugru, a drill, some plants and plant pots

Step 1

All you need are plant pots, a drill or something to make a hole in them, some plants, and a bit of Sugru obvs.

Peter Donegan drilling holes in plant pots

Step 2

Make holes in your pots.

Peter Donegan applying Sugru to holes drilled into plant pots

Step 3

Apply Sugru to the holes.

Pots mounted to shed wall

Step 4

Position the pots onto your vertical surface. 

Plants added to pots mounted to shed wall

Step 5

Leave to set for 12-24 hours*, then get potting. Peter has used parsley and chives, but other herbs, strawberry plants, even cacti or succulents would work too.

*Sugru sets to 1.5mm in 12 hours, 3mm in 24 hours and thicker applications may take longer. For load-bearing projects, or if Sugru's exposure to air is limited when squished between surfaces, allow up to 48 hours for it to fully set. Colder temperatures slow down the setting times.


2. Repair a fertiliser barrow using Sugru as a waterproof sealant

Sugru used to repair a fertiliser barrow

Due to its waterproofing properties, Sugru is brilliant for patching up leaky things like buckets, water butts or fertiliser barrows. 

Peter Donegan opening a pack of green Sugru

Step 1

Sugru comes in 10 colours, including natural colours – perfect for any garden project. 

Sugru applied to hole in fertiliser barrow

Step 2

Apply Sugru to the leaky culprit and leave to set.

Fertiliser barrow repaired with Sugru

Step 3

Once set, you’ll have a totally sealed garden appliance. Job done.


3. Mount a birdhouse almost anywhere

Bird house mounted to shed wall with Sugru

Birds are an integral part of the planet’s ecosystem. With the help of Sugru, which sticks permanently to lots of stuff like wood, metal, glass and brick, we can easily do a little towards helping our feathered friends.

Peter Donegan with birdhouse mounted to shed wall with Sugru

And it will hold up to 2kg in weight – more than enough for a bird’s dinner.

Bird house mounted to shed wall with Sugru

Once the Sugru has set, the bird bistro is open for bookings!


4. Make custom hooks in the shed

Peter Donegan making hooks out of Sugru

Every garden shed gets packed to the max with stuff. We’re all guilty of squeezing in just one more thing. So these Sugru hooks come in handy when you want to hang more, you know, stuff.

Clothes hanging off Sugru hooks

They’re especially useful for hanging up your outdoor gear. Think of it as a walk-in garden wardrobe.


5. Add custom grips to tools

Garden tool with handle customised with Sugru

No gardener’s tool kit is complete without a trusty pair of secateurs, or as Peter calls them, garden scissors.

Garden tool with handle customised with Sugru

But like all tools, the handles come in one size. Use Sugru to customise the handle of any tool to fit your hand. It’ll make it grippy and more comfortable to use. Now, you can get pruning.

Hey Peter, thanks so much for sharing your adventures in horticulture and top five Sugru garden projects with us. It’s been a blooming pleasure. 🌼