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New tip: to extend the shelf life of your unused sugru, keep it in the fridge

As lots of you know, we're working hard in the labs to extend the shelf life of sugru, and the good news is that we're making progress. In the meantime, we now have a tip that may be useful. We always guarantee that your sugru will have a minimum of 6 month shelf life after purchase, and most of you use it up well within this time. However for those of you who don't, we now have data to show that if sugru is kept at low temperatures, it can help to extend the shelf life considerably. If you keep your sugru in the fridge, it can extend the shelf life by up to a further 6 months. (And if you live in a hot climate, above the recommended storage temperature of 21°C/70°F, this is a tip that will help you too.)