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COOPH is a community-focused online magazine about photography and celebrates individualism, expression and sincerity. Their goal is to support photographers at any level in breaking creative boundaries. We caught up with Fred Simmons, editor at COOPH’s online magazine to get some top photography tips for 2017.

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So can anybody really learn to be a great photographer?

As with most things, it takes time and dedication to become truly good at something. The same goes for photography. If you are committed to the cause, prepared to practice and able to immerse yourself in the culture then you have as good a chance as anyone. For some it comes more naturally, but the potential is always there. 

Is the kit an essential part of good photography?

On a commercial level, yes. Good equipment is essential. For beginners, hobbyists and innovators however, it doesn’t have to be. Some of the most interesting or eye catching work can be produced with very basic gear. In many cases, how and when an image is taken can be more important than the kit that was used.

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So what photography style is trending at the moment?

There are several styles of photography that seem to have been getting a lot of attention recently. One of the big ones is aerial photography which has been made easier and more accessible by advancements in drone technology. Fine art photography is also growing in popularity and it seems the selfie is quickly becoming an art form of its own! 

Do most people struggle with the same things when taking pictures?

Composition is one of the fundamental aspects of photography that can be really challenging, especially for beginners. For others, fully understanding the capabilities and functions of their camera can often limit the quality of their work. Practice makes perfect!

Give us your 5 top tips to getting a great shot (aside from using Sugru Mouldable Glue of course)

1. Design - An aesthetically pleasing composition is crucial.

2. Information - Context is important. A great shot should suggest a story.

3. Emotion - Make the viewer feel or think.

4. Timing - Capture a truly unique moment.

5. Watch COOPH's video on what makes a great shot! 

The Photographer's DIET

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Any names we should be looking out for, for further inspiration?

We are big fans of Lorenz Holder’s work. As two time winner of the Red bull Illume photography contest, his landscape photography and ability to combine it with action sports athletes makes for some pretty spectacular images. 

We would also like to give a shout out to COOPH’s chief photographer Leo Rosas!

Thanks for the tips Fred! :) Don't forget to check out their awesome YouTube channel, full of tips and ideas to improve and enhance your photography - or just a bit of inspiration!