Organise your cables with LEGO and Sugru

LEGO — Did you know it’s not just for playing, but can be practical too?

Use Lego to keep your cables tidy by the bed, desk, or in the car – everything is awesome! Check out our new video to see how easy it is to do this yourself.

Step 1

Use two LEGO plates to mount any cable anywhere. Divide the Sugru into two halves and roll them into balls. Press one ball firmly onto the back of one LEGO plate and shape it into a pyramid. Do the same to the other side of the second LEGO plate.

Step 2

Press it firmly onto the surface so that Sugru pushes out the sides. Rub the edges gently to make Sugru nice and smooth.

Tip: When applying Sugru to dry, porous materials like wood, we suggest that you pinch off a piece of Sugru and smudge it onto the surface first before pressing the LEGO on.

Step 3

Bond the cable onto the top side of the second LEGO plate. Shape Sugru into a hemisphere around the cable and rub it gently to make it smooth.

24 hours later you'll get to use LEGO everyday... now how awesome is that?

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