Say hello to our Sugru Home Hacks Kits

Proudly introducing... Two awesome new kits!

In your fix-life, the only thing that beats the feeling of fixing something is the feeling of hacking something better. Not a fix, but an upgrade - you improve your home and your world just a little bit, and it makes you feel like a ninja. Well we think everyone deserves to experience these high-five DIY moments and the satisfaction of making your home just the way you want it. That's why we made these new kits. To make home hacks easy and fun for anyone!

First up... Home Hacks Made Easy - The Kit.

What brings together a paperclip, LEGO and tennis balls? Sugru-ers know that ordinary things, in the right hands, can do extraordinary things. Sugru community projects over the last few months showed us that these humble items can be combined with Sugru to solve practical problems in an awesome way all around the home. It's fair to say that most people will be surprised at just what they can do!

The kit comes with a mini-booklet and everything you need to complete 10 awesome home hacks, all beautifully packaged in a folded box. Once you've done these hacks, you won't be able to help yourself coming up with new ideas all the time. Buy it for yourself, or as a gift for the most deserving hands-on person in your life!

Here's what's included:

  • 5 single use packs of Sugru in Classic Red, Snow White, Pitch Black, Mossy Green and Silver Grey
  • a practical storage tin
  • a booklet full of project ideas and how-to guides
  • 2 super-strong neodymium magnets
  • 2 tennis balls
  • 2 Lego pieces
  • a roll of tape
  • a cocktail stick
  • and a humble paper clip

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...and Home Hacks Made Easy - The Starter Kit!

For those who would love some great inspiration and info with their Sugru, but without the accessories, we've made a Starter Kit version.
In here you'll find the mini-booklet of 10 awesome home hacks, along with the Sugru you need to complete them, all together in the handy tin and an equally lovely folded box. It's the perfect gift for those getting started with Sugru!

Included in the Starter Kit

  • 5 single use packs of Sugru in Classic Red, Snow White, Pitch Black, Mossy Green and Silver Grey
  • a practical storage tin
  • a booklet chock full of project ideas and how-to guides

It's a great first Sugru experience, or a great gift if you want to introduce your loved ones to the wonderful world of Sugru.

Sweet. Take me to the Kits!

But, what are the projects in the booklet, you might want to ask? Ask no more:

Hack from the kit: Keep cables tidy in the car with LEGO.

As LEGO projects are always a big hit, we had to include one of those: Use Sugru and LEGO to keep your cables tidy by the bed, desk, or even in the car. To see how well it works and just how easy and fun it is to do, check out the awesome how-to video!

Hack from the kit: Make awesome hooks from almost anything.

We all want to be more independent, even when we're too small to say so. In this project, we took it one step further and rather than using regular hooks, we used toys! Lots of things can be hooks if you combine and attach them with Sugru - start looking at the shape of things.

Sneak Peek: (Almost) all the booklet projects in one handy overview:

Can you guess which project involves a paper clip and for what you might need the cocktail stick?