Say hello to... the new Rebel Tech Kit

Tech is everywhere. Possession of a mobile phone is a unifying experience across continents and circumstances. Perhaps shockingly, there are now more phones on the planet than people.

Sugru Rebel Tech kit contents

The Sugru Community has a distinctively creative attitude towards tech: together we're fuelling a movement of people who are in charge of their tech, not the other way round. We avoid needless upgrades and we adapt and customise our tech to enable new experiences, more thoughtfulness and more fun!

The Rebel Tech Kit is a collection of 14 killer tech ideas inspired by people all over the world. It combines the most popular, most useful and most ingenious Sugru tech hacks for the first time; with easy step-by-step instructions in a booklet full of information. 

Inside, you'll find

  • 4 single-use packs of Sugru in Black, White, Grey and Red
  • A booklet full of project ideas and how-to guides
  • A Sugru Remover
  • A handy storage tin

Buy it for yourself, or as a gift for the most deserving hands-on person in your life!