Sugru Book Club


Reading while traveling to make the experience even more enjoyable is one of our favourite things to do. Whether you're lucky enough to get away this summer, or you just need to let your mind travel vicariously, this list will provide a much needed dose of wanderlust. The Sugru team are delighted to share their current picks for the season ahead. Enjoy!

If you're planning to visit India

Read 'A Suitable Boy' by Vikram Seth

book cover for a suitable boy by vikram seth

One thing we love to do is to choose a novel set in the place you're lucky enough to travel to. A few years back Jane traveled to India: "I loved reading this epic Vikram Seth book while I was in India. The experience of being in such a new and culturally different place was heightened by reading such a visceral historical novel of an amazing moment in the country's history when it became independent and beautifully crafted characters. It gave me such a deeper feeling of connection with the country and culture than a guidebook could. I absolutely loved it."

If you're going trekking

Read 'Wild - From Lost to Found' by Cheryl Strayed

book cover for wild by cheryl strayed

The incredible story of a broken woman seeking redemption through arduous physical challenge in nature. Although there's a film adaptation, the books is brilliant - a nail-biting adventure that will have you turning page after page. A truly incredible account of how travel can truly change someone. 

If you're headed to the Big Apple

Read 'Let the Great World Spin' by Colum McCann

book cover for let the great world spin by colum mccann

This is another one to read in a specific location. If you're traveling to New York City, this is a beautiful novel with layers of different characters experiencing the life of the city all pivoting around the beautiful image of the moment when Philippe Petit walked his tightrope between the world trade centre towers. It travels in time between characters with vastly different lives from a judge to an Irish Monk living in 1980's bronx. A beautiful read giving such a beautiful sensory impression of the people and culture of an amazing city over time.

If you're voyaging out to sea

Read 'The Mysterious Island' by Jules Verne

book cover for the mysterious island by jules verne

All about a band of fugitives castaway on an island. As they adapt and thrive, they realise there are greater forces at play. A deserted island, the wide open ocean, heaps of mystery, and an epic story of survival. Need we say more?

If you're travelling to the desert

Read 'The Book Smugglers of Timbuktu' by Charlie English

book cover for smugglers of timbuktu by charlie english

This is two tales of a city: one is the historical race to discover a place full of myth and legend; the other of a group of librarians and archivists racing to save sacred ancient manuscripts from destruction at the hands of terrorists. And it's a true story. Charlie English has done extensive research and through first hand reporting has managed to recount this incredible tale of an extraordinary place and inspiring group of people.

If you're going on the road trip of a lifetime

Read 'On the Road' by Jack Kerouac

book cover for on the road by jack kerouac

Friends from Beat Generation America travel from coast to coast, looking for meaning in their lives. Besides this being one of Kerouac's finest novels and a modern classic, this will have you yearning to hop on a convertible and travel down Route 66 with the wind in your hair and not a care in the world. 

Want to suggest books to us? Tweet us @sugru with your latest literary finds you think we’ll like using the hashtag #SugruBookClub - we’d love your tips! Happy summer reading, everyone!