Sugru in Antarctica — Now used on all 7 continents

Last summer, after Jim trekked to the North pole with the help of his Sugru hacked ski poles, we realised that Sugru was now being used in 6 of the 7 continents on earth. (How amazing is that?!) Who could resist then, asking if any of you had any friends on the last continent that would enjoy Sugru?

It was a long shot and we didn't really expect anyone to come forward but… 2 people did! Gus and Christian had friends in McMurdo Station, which is one of the main research stations, where 1000 of the approximately 5000 people in Antarctica live. Imagine our excitement - Antarctica is of course one of the most difficult places on earth for humans to survive, and by definition the community there has to be self-sufficient - when something breaks or doesn't work very well - not only do you not want to go buy a new one - but that option just isn't there!  In October we sent Sugru to Gus and Christian's friends. We haven't had hacking reports from them yet… but recently another hacker got in touch.

John has just come back from the WAIS camp (West Antarctic Ice Sheet 7928'S,11205'W ) which is about 600 miles from Mcmurdo Station, 600 miles from the South Pole and about 100 miles from Byrd Station in Western Antarctica.  After 5 years of drilling, he and his team have just finished drilling the second deepest ice core bore hole in the world (!!!) - here's a picture of the last piece of ice retrieved from their bore hole.  It came from 3,331.538 metres down.  Guess how old it is?

My mind was blown!  It's 90,000 - 110,000 years old.

And well, the reason John got in touch was not only to tell us about the unbelievable awesomeness that they had just achieved, but also to tell us about the hacks and repairs he did with Sugru while he was there! Here's John with Francie, one of the cooks at the camp - her paring knife loosened from the handle and he used Sugru to repair it.  And he also repaired his glasses and his watch…

Well, now we can proudly say that there are truly awesome Sugru users on every continent on Earth.  John - you're a legend!