Sugru + magnets + Hackney Laces women's football team

In 2011 Katee Hui (yes 2 ee's!) founded Hackney Laces — a community football club near to sugru HQ in East London. It gives girls aged 12 to 17 a chance to play football and learn new skills, on and off the pitch. The club has now grown to over 80 girls and is run by Emma, Jenny, Jess, Katee , Keisha, Lottie and Sarah. All female. All footballers — all brilliant!

The team have been on a mission to find an easier way to attach the football nets each weekend for their games — that is until Katee found the perfect solution, using sugru + magnets! Over to Katee to explain...

These are the rather awkward clips that I used previously to attached the net to itself around the bars.

Necessity is the mother of invention and with a little help from sugru, I have solved my stress. These little sugru pouches full of fixing magic are now being sold in packs with magnets. It’s the perfect combo for hacking things better - like nets!

To ensure my hack would work, I made a little model of the goal using the magnets on the fridge, so I knew how many I’d need.

Then I began moulding and attaching and patiently waiting the 24 hours needed for it to dry. The next day, just like magic I tested the nets on the shower rod in the bathroom. Sure enough, the hack held and I will now have 2 extras hours every weekend. I’m also going to feel incredibly smug like I’ve won something!

We just love all the different of ideas you keep sharing with us — this is one of the best sugru + magnets projects we've seen so far!

Katee was recognised at the British Volunteer Awards in 2012, and last year was interviewed on the news about the club's success! — way to go Katee :)