10 Rebel Tech tricks

Phones, tablets, controllers, cables, today we are literally drowning in technology. It wasn’t always like this. Not that long ago (the late 1980s), we didn’t even have the Web. Go back a bit further (the 1950s), and IBM’s first supercomputer (the 305 RAMAC), weighing a whopping one whole ton, could store a meagre 5MB of data on its hard drive.

Fast-forward to 2018 and Nimbus Data introduced its ExaDrive DC100 Solid State Drive, which can hold up to 100TB of data – the largest SSD small enough to sit on your desk! But don’t hold your breath, technology changes faster than a Planck second (look it up, it’s fast). Instead of worrying about the latest this, that or the other upgrade, consider fixing, adapting, customising, modding or hacking the gadgets you already have with Sugru. It’s way more fun.

1. Back it up 💫

Speaking of data storage, this incredibly simple hard drive cradle gets tucked away at the back of your monitor. It’s reassuringly out of the way, off your desk, protected from potential coffee spills, but well within your reach. All you need for this project are two classic Sugru hooks to hold the drive. Oh, and if you don’t already have a back-up drive, then get one!

Step 1

Roll ½ a pack of Sugru into a short sausage.

Step 2

Press onto the monitor and rub smooth.

Step 3

Pinch the top ⅔ of the sausage flat. Bend into shape ensuring it's deep enough to hold the drive in place.

Hand pushing Sugru grip

Step 4

In 12-24 hours*, Sugru turns into a firm and flexible rubber. 

*Sugru sets to 1.5mm in 12 hours, 3mm in 24 hours and thicker applications may take longer. For load-bearing projects, allow up to 48 hours for it to fully set.

2. Don't stop the music 🎻

Have you ever tried living without music? There’s nothing more distressing than being immersed in your favourite tune when your beloved headphones cut out. But fret not, there is a simple Sugru fix to give life back to your music. Learn how to fix damaged headphones.

3. Make a handy headphone hook ⚓️

While we’re on the subject of headphones, Sugru is the perfect material for creating bespoke hooks to keep tech safe. Mould one onto the side of your monitor or wherever you want to hang your headset.

Step 1

Roll a pack of Sugru into a sausage.

Step 2

Press onto the monitor at an angle.

Step 3

Rub gently to make it nice and smooth. In 24 hours, it turns into a strong and durable rubber.

4. Old school meets new school 📖

E-readers are great. But printed books have such interesting covers. Get the best of both worlds with this easy Sugru hack that turns an ebook into a charming real book. See how here.

5. Customise your camera 📸

The brilliant thing about tech and Sugru is you can mould your devices to fit you. Amateur and professional photographers all over the world use Sugru to make subtle improvements to their valuable kit. Experience it for yourself. Custom grips help the heavy camera body rest in your hand more naturally while building up those tiny buttons make them easier to locate and operate. Watch Sugru Mouldable Silicone in action here.

6. Make a device wall mount 🌅

Whether you use an iPad, a tablet, or a Kindle, this simple Sugru mount is for you. It creates a secure bond plus, the three Sugru shelves are flexible enough to insert and fish out the device as and when you need it. The mount can be fitted pretty much anywhere – no screws, no nails, no tools. And, here’s the genius part, the mount is totally removable. Learn how to make an iPad wall mount.

7. Organise car tech 🚗

There’s no getting away from it, portable gadgetry in the car is as normal as it is in the home. This is where Sugru and magnets come together in an ingeniously useful way. You can use this trick to secure your phone or GPS device in the front, or a tablet device in the back for the little ones. Either way, watch how to organise your tech in the car with Sugru and magnets.

8. Control freak 🕹

Get a better grip on your gaming skills by making your devices work better for you.

Sugru Mouldable Silicone is electrically-insulating, shock-resistant, durable and flexible, so it’s brilliant for modding your game controllers. Mould and shape the triggers, buttons and thumbsticks, for a much more grippy, dynamic and responsive experience. Game on.

Step 1

Roll a pack of Sugru into 2 balls.

Step 2

Press 1 of the balls onto a thumbstick. Mould into shape and rub smooth.

Step 3

Repeat process for the second thumbstick. Leave for 24 hours or longer and it turns into a lovely, grippy rubber.

9. Fix frayed cables 〰️

No matter how wireless and tech-savvy we become, everyone surrenders to the frayed cable syndrome at some point. It’s a digital rite of passage. No worries, countless people around the world save their cables from landfill with this surprisingly satisfying fix.

Step 1

Roll ½ a pack of Sugru into a sausage and press flat.

Step 2

Wrap around the cable* and mould into shape.

Step 3

In 24 hours, it turns into a strong and flexible rubber.

*Sugru is electrically insulating, but be careful with electricity – stick to small consumer electronics’ repairs below 24 volts.

See how to repair a USB cable.

10. Cheeky cable grips 🍑

Do you have cable management issues? Get yours under control with these gorgeous grippies. Simply use a toothpick to cleverly transform single cones of Sugru into an organised row of rude boys.

Step 1

Roll ½ a pack of Sugru into a ball.

Step 2

Press the ball onto the surface and mould into a cone.

Step 3

Slowly and firmly press a toothpick onto the cone.

Step 4

Give the toothpick a twist and slide it out. In 24 hours, Sugru turns into a strong and flexible rubber.

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