The origin of the word "hacking"

We love this beautiful video from Angela Saini about the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Tech Model Railroad Club (TMRC).

Why? Well. First of all it's a great story! The club was founded in 1946 and at times was a 24/7 operation. It's also at MIT - the holy grail for technology creators. Imagine the environment there over the last 70 years or so as the development of computers and the internet were taking place!

The second reason we love it, is because of the way the club uses the word hacking. Some people raise their eyebrows when we say things at sugru like "hack things better" or "wonderful hackery".  But long before the word was associated with malicious acts, the folks at MIT were using it for good.

MIT Tech Model Railroad Club

In the video, Andy Miller, one of the club's most longstanding members discusses hacking. His version really resonates with us:

"When one did something ingenious and clever and unthought of with some technology, it was known as a good hack."

Ingenious, clever and unthought of are great words, and perfectly describe so many of the fixes, mods, projects and ...hacks... we see every day from the sugru community :)