Want to cut out 42 metres of paper with a scalpel? sugru it first!

Maeve Clancy is an artist who creates incredibly elaborate installations made from paper cut by hand with a scalpel. She made the set for Lisa Hannigan's video I don't know  (shown above), and recently a replica of Dublin's quays which involved her most ambitious feat of paper cutting yet. The installation is 42 metres long in total, and replicates in intricate detail 2km of buildings that flank Dublin's river Liffey. It took her 70 hours of drawing, and a mind blowing 280 hours of cutting! 

The effect is really beautiful - but oh my - that process is intense. Anyone who has ever used a scalpel, will know it can be painful after only a few minutes, so I can only imagine how your hands feel after 280 hours!

By sugru-ing it she made it safer. "By sugru-ing my scalpel, I now have a much better grip on it. I've stopped having so many accidents, and I don't get the terrible finger pain I used to. Also, because it's more comfortable, I can keep cutting for longer" — Maeve, Dublin.

You can watch a 4 minute video of the making of the Dublin quays piece here, and see more of Maeve's work at her website.  Thanks for sharing your inspiring work with us Maeve and it's awesome that sugru has been able to help!