15 ways a fix can become a beautiful design feature

Fixing things is practical and pragmatic, but it doesn't need to stop there. With a little time and just a touch of creative spirit, you can transform repairs into hacks and designs that improve our stuff.

Sugru Mouldable Glue comes in a range of awesome colours and sticks to almost anything. We're thrilled when we see our community proudly using Sugru to reimagine fixing as a feature. 

Here are some of our favourite community "fix-to-features" projects to help get your imagination ticking for your next repair.

Make your headphones unique

Sugru is perfect for repairing snapped headphones. It’s also an opportunity to add your own creative flair to make them as unique and personal as your musical taste. This fix from Naomi shows just how creative and expressive you can be.

octopus made of Sugru on a headphone

Create one-of-a-kind jewellery

You can combine Sugru and jewellery in almost any possible way imaginable. We've seen it used to emboss custom pendants and to create unique jewellery from an endless array of found items. 

Sugru used to make jewellery

Teach kids to create with toy mash-ups

Toy mash-ups are the perfect way to teach kids to be creative and resourceful. By repairing, combining and improving their toys, children can express their naturally inventive spirit as they explore their imaginations. In the process they will learn to find inventive new uses for the things they already own.

Sugru used to make toy mash-ups

Design grips tailor-made for you

Sugru is mouldable and flexible, so it works a treat for adding rubber grips designed to fit your hands exactly. We've seen grips added to pens, knitting needles, cameras, even paintbrushes used to decorate a Qantas Boeing 737 (check out the page: Meet Jason from Australia with his fix for artists).

grip on a camera made of Sugru

Turn old toys into hooks for kids

This project is easy to do, fun and encourages children to keep their rooms tidy. Instead of throwing out their old toys, use them to create fun hooks for their jackets, bags and clothing. Take a look at our guide for how to make a child friendly wardrobe from toys and give it a go.

hooks made of toys and Sugru

Design a garden fit for any living space

Channel your creativity, resourcefulness and love of gardening into one project. Using found items you can decorate AND recycle as you create a lush vertical garden in any living space.

vases made of copper tubes and Sugru

Personalise your game controller

Gaming is precise, but controls tend to be one-size-fits-all. With Sugru, you can easily repair worn controls or customise your grips to avoid painful blisters. What's more, with our range of colours you can make your controller look cool too.

grips on game controller made of Sugru

Decorate and protect your shoes

Sugru has all the right qualities to add a protective layer to your shoes. You can repair scuffs or prevent them from happening in the first place. But why stop there? Find colours and designs to add the perfect creative touch to your shoes. See our step-by-step guide to customise your shoes with Sugru and then step out in style.

shoes customised with Sugru

Make DIY jewellery boxes

These little boxes are super easy (and fun) to make, and ideal for gifting, storing stationary or jewellery. We love them—and you can craft them in a way that is personal to you. If you'd like to make them see our step-by-step tutorial: Make and decorate little DIY storage boxes.

painted wooden gift boxes

Make anything a decoration

Why settle for boring or bland when you can personalise and create? We love seeing members of our community use Sugru to turn everyday hooks and handles into decorative masterpieces. This example comes from Sylrig, who was kind enough to put a guide together on Instructables.

metal hook with Sugru bird head

Turn a fix into a feature

Sometimes, a break is so bad it needs quite a visible fix. When this happens, we love seeing people go the extra mile and turn a fix into a creative feature. Just like Ayjay from our community who did just that with her glasses!

glasses fixed with Sugru

Make your own creative LEGO high chair

When we're open to reimagining the things we own, exciting things can happen. This ingenious fix combines a high chair with a LEGO table so your little one can explore their creativity between bites.

high chair with a Lego table

Create stamps to personalise almost anything

Sugru stamps are a great ingredient to help customise all of those plain, everyday household items.  

The days of generic coffee cups and boring bags are gone.

Simply pick your Sugru colours, shape your stamp, stick it to the item and wait for it to set.

mugs customised with Sugru stamps

Upgrade your bike

There are so many ways you can adapt and personalise your bike to fit your needs. Create a custom grip for your hand brake, repair and decorate your handlebars, or give yourself an added sense of direction. We've compiled a list of some of our favourite bike fixes and hacks.  Check out 9 ways to improve your bike with Sugru.

compass added to bike handle with Sugru

Personalise your workspace

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, it makes sense that you give it a personal touch.

Georgia is a cartoonist from Canada. She works at her computer by herself a lot, so she decided to customise her monitor. Armed with just a pack of Sugru and a lovely piece of found driftwood, she made a perch so her pet bird could keep her company while she worked. How cute is that?!

bird perch added to computer monitor with Sugru

As always, we love to see what you do with Sugru. If you have an awesome creative fix or make, please share it with us using #MySugruFix on our website, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.