What's in your toolbox?

Some of you may have noticed recently that the Sugru shop has expanded a little. Alongside our packs of mouldable glue, we’re now offering other innovative repair products as well as DIY kits to get people fixing, making and creating. And if you hadn’t notice, we won’t be offended (much).

It’s no surprise then that we’re always on the lookout for tools to help people around the house, so we thought we’d check in with a few of our favourite DIY experts to find out what their go-to tools are.

Jo Behari, author and DIY expert @diyjobehari

“A good quality hammer drill, a 16oz hammer, a good quality set of screwdrivers and a torch”

Francesca Stone, author and blogger @fallforDIY

“My sewing machine is always set up for a quick fix. From adding a patch over a hole, fixing a ripped seam or just fixing the sizing, it always comes in handy when I need it. Aside from that, Sugru is my favourite material for fixing most things. Sorry to be obvious, but I use it all the time! :D” 

Aw, we forgive you, Fran :)

Jamey, upcycling supremo @jagcagdesign

“One of my most-used tools is my Hart Tools USA Cordless Orbit Sander.  Whether I am building a barn door, cleaning up a piece of furniture, or creating home decor pieces, this sander makes the job a breeze!”

Katrina Blair, interior design blogger @thekatrinablair

“A small pivoting screwdriver is perfect for quick projects around the house like hanging curtain rods, replacing cabinet hardware, etc.

Also, All-In-One Patching Hole Repair is perfect for repairing small holes in walls you might get from hanging picture frames, with a built-in sanding tool too.”

Helga Stentzel, visual artist and household surrealist @made_by_helga

“Silicone. From fixing door handles to repairing skirting boards that have fallen off, silicone is a great solution to most of my household problems. It's like Sugru's big brother!”

Ashley Cramp, lifestyle blogger @LazyDaisyJones

“The DIY tool I rely on the most is my crochet hook; unbelievably it comes in useful for many things. I can rescue pet toys from under the sofa, use it as a hair accessory to hold up a top knot and keep my hair out of my face, it comes in handy as a backscratcher and of course I can use it to produce blankets, shawls,  toys, scarves, and jumpers! I always keep a spare in my handbag and once used it to unlock a toilet door I was trapped behind at a railway station!"

Serena Appiah, DIY Blogger @thriftdiving

"My go-to for quick repairs has to be wood glue. Many of the repairs I am making is fixing surface imperfections before painting them."

Why not try out some of the additions to the Sugru shop? Who knows, one may just become your new go-to gadget.

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