Working From Home? Get Organised with Some Easy and Fun Sugru Hacks

What IS the best way to work from home? Countless tips and tricks have been shared over the last few months; everything from ergonomic keyboards, scheduled breaks, office noise playlists and designer chairs. 

Now we’ll be the first to admit we’re not HR experts, but we do know a thing or two about fixing, hacking and improving the space around you - so here are our top 5 tips for making the most of your WFH situation.

1. Make the most of your shelves with an empty jar hack

Get some extra use out of your shelves by storing things UNDER-neath them. 

All you need are a few jars with lids and a pack of Sugru. Use 3 blobs of the Sugru to stick the lid to the underside of the shelf, wait 24 hours to set (maybe use some masking tape to keep in place) and there you have it. Some screw-in extra desk space!

2. Declutter your desk with some helpful hooks to give everything a home

Cables, headphones, keys - they all like to get cosy and pile up on your workstation. It’s just the way they roll. 

Give them homes by creating simple Sugru hooks at the side of your desk. You can even have some fun making a magnetised hook for your keys with our special magnet kit. It’s satisfying on a whole other level. Check out this video to help kick things off!

3. Use the back of your computer monitor to store stuff

What other adhesive would let you do this? I mean. A couple of well placed Sugru blobs onto the back or your monitor could hold a modem, a mouse, a phone or a notepad. 

And if you change your mind once it’s set, you can easily remove with a sharp knife and then your nail. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

Take a look at this step by step video to show you how.

4. Have everything to hand - at all times

If you prefer a more (ahem) relaxed approach to WFM and find your bed is where the magic happens, we gotcha. 

Keep those files close to hand with this nifty Bedside Pocket now sold at the Sugru shop. It’s a felt pouch that can be hung on the bed or sofa to keep things organised whilst you do your professional best on Zoom.

5. Get a helping hand at home - wherever you can

Next time you’re playing with the kids or grandkids, snaffle a few LEGO minifigures as part of your working from home recruitment drive. Seriously. These guys are here to help tackle your cable mountain.  

Simply use a single blob of Sugru to stick your minigure to the side of your desk and leave to set for 24 hours. When ready, raise its hand and squeeze in your dangling cable. It’s almost like this was the job LEGO was designed to do. It will also steal the show at the weekly conference call. 

Check out this fun step by step guide for more info.