Adhesive Nails for Textured Surfaces | 2 x 2kg by tesa

$5.49 $4.99
$5.49 $4.99
  • For the easiest, tool-free way to hang objects on textured surfaces such as wallpaper or plaster, use the handy tesa Adhesive Nails. These nail adhesive tabs can hold up to 2kgs per nail and can be easily removed and reused without messy residue.    

    These nail adhesives are ideally suited to delicate and textured indoor surfaces. The Powerstrip Technology makes it easy to hang and align non-flat backed items like decorations and pictures, without damaging your surfaces.

  • 2 x Adjustable Nails for textured surfaces that can hold up to 2kg (Approx. 4.4lbs)

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