Adhesive Screws for Rough Surfaces | 2 x 10kg by tesa

  • The tesa Adhesive Screws for Rough Surfaces make it easy to mount slim objects on outdoor surfaces such as brick and stone, as well as rougher indoor surfaces.

    These no-drill concrete screws are easy to remove and reuse, leaving no messy residue. Each screw hook can hold up to 10kgs and they’re narrow enough to stay concealed behind shelves, lights or tool racks. You won’t need a drill or a hammer with these clever wall screws. To use the tesa Adhesive Screws for Outdoor Surfaces, simply dust your surface, peel off the protective foil from the screw rim and position it lightly on your surface. Use the tool in the pack to open the adhesive, slide the tool over the other end and insert the nozzle into the larger of the two holes. Twist the key to inject the adhesive until you see it emerge from the smaller hole. Let the fixing screws set for 12 hours and then hang your stuff. To remove these easy-to-use concrete screws, simply use a wrench to twist them away.

  • 2 x Adhesive Strips for rough and outdoor surfaces that can hold up to 10kg, or 20kg if using both (approx. 22/44lbs)

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