Adhesive Strips for Tiles and Metal | 6 x 3kg by tesa

  • The tesa Adhesive Strips for Tiles and Metal are easy to use, self-adhesive strips that can be mounted on any smooth tile or metal surface. These adhesive strips can be used on their own to mount items directly to surfaces, or as a refill pack with the tesa Adhesive Nails.

    These easy to use removable adhesives can each hold up to 3kgs and can be reused – great for the environment and your wallet. When removing these strips, they won’t leave any sticky residue or cause damage to surfaces. You won’t need a drill or a hammer with these clever hanging strips. Based on Powerstrips Technology, you can hang pictures and decorations quickly and easily. To use the tesa Adhesive Strips, simply clean your glass or transparent surface with silicone-free cleaner or methylated spirit, allow it to dry then remove the foil and apply the adhesive strip vertically to your clean, dry tiles or other smooth surface. Press it for five seconds to activate the adhesive bonds. Then apply your adhesive nail or your object to the strip and press down for another five seconds.

  • 6 x Adhesive Strips for Tiles and Metal that can hold up to 3kg (approx. 6.6lbs)

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