Seaside Beeswax Wrap Pack by The Beeswax Wrap Company

$29 $23.20
$29 $23.20
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    These brilliant lunch pack wraps are a great way to avoid using single use plastics and having to mess around with cling film. Made from organic cotton, low impact dyes, organic jojoba oil, pine resin and UK beeswax, each lunch pack provides enough re-usable wraps for four lunch boxes and they look pretty funky too.

    Why we love this cool product

    Jane Says: “I’m on a mission to cut down use of single-use plastics in the kitchen. These wraps are a fun, colourful and sustainable alternative to cling film. Cover the top of bowls of leftovers in the fridge or pack up sandwiches with the large wraps. Some beeswax wraps are stiff but these are lovely and lightweight, and when you fold them, they stay folded. The material grips really nicely. Wash them with regular dish-washing soap and water, and you can keep reusing them over and over.”

  • 2 Small Beeswax Wraps 20cm x 20cm

    2 Large Beeswax Wraps 30cm x 30cm 

  • Caring for your wraps 

    • Wash with soap in cold water and hang to dry

    • Refresh every few months in the oven

    • Do not use to wrap hot food, make sure all food is cold before you use the wraps

    • Wraps are not suitable for using in the microwave or oven

    • Please note these wraps are flammable so keep away from naked flames

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