Black Self-Bonding Repair Tape by tesa

  • Sometimes the best things come in small packages and this mighty tape from tesa is a case in point. tesa Self-Bonding Repair Tape can be used as an electrical tape to temporarily insulate damaged cables or as a plumbers tape for temporary tube and pipe repairs. Perfect for sealing and insulating DIY jobs around the home and garden as well as in the great outdoors, there’s not much that this roll of tape can’t handle.

    Why we love this cool product

    Jane says: “tesa Self-bonding Repairing tape is great for the tougher DIY insulating and plumbing jobs that are beyond Sugru’s superpowers (12v phone / laptop cables). Think leaking pipes, swimming pool parts, higher voltage electrical cables. This is a super-useful tape to have in your just-in-case supplies alongside Sugru!”

  • One W: 19mm x L: 2.5m roll

  • tesa Self-bonding Repair Tape is a highly resistant multi-purpose tape for indoor and outdoor use. It is perfectly suited for pipe and hose repair – for example to seal a damaged washing machine or dishwasher hose or prevent leaking sanitary equipment from dripping. It is also ideal as an electrical tape to temporarily insulate damaged power cords. This versatile electrical tape or plumbers tape is not only weather and UV-resistant. It can also withstand temperatures from -60°C to +260°C (approx. -76°F to +500°F).

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