Benefits of Sugru as a creative glue


Sticks permanently to lots of materials like glass, ceramic, wood, metal and plastics*.

Sets Strong

Once set, this creative glue keeps its shape and stays stuck.


The thickness of your fix will determine its ultimate flexibility—thinner layers deliver more flex.

*Sugru does not bond to oily plastics like polypropylene, polyethylene or Teflon.

Creative making & mending

Celebrate your repair

Add your own touch

Q: How can I personalise my creative repair?

A: It's really easy to make your creative glue fix look gorgeous. If you're fixing any ceramics, pottery or any earthenware, why not try your hand at KintsugruTM, and make your repair visible, in true celebratory fashion.  

For other ways to perfect your fix, try these techniques.

  1. You can shape Sugru with your fingers.
  2. For a precise edge, use masking or painter's tape.
  3. Rub soapy water onto the Sugru to achieve a nice, smooth finish.
  4. Use everyday objects to create different textures (toothbrush, scalpel, thimble).
  5. Embed different materials into the Sugru.
  6. Colour-match your Sugru repair by mixing different colours together. 

Pro tip: If your texturing tool sticks to the Sugru, just dip it into soapy water. Alternatively, use cling film (Saran wrap) or something greasy like petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to prevent Sugru from bonding to surfaces you don't want it to.

Q: Can you mix pigments or powders, e.g. glow in the dark, with Sugru?

A: Mixing pigments or powders into Sugru can affect the properties that make it special, such as strength and adhesion. The best way to add creative flair to your Sugru fix, is to layer the powder or paint over the top once it’s in place, before it has set. We have heard from quite a few creative gluers who have let us know that acrylic paint works well on their projects.

Q: Do you have a gold or metallic creative glue?

A: Not at the moment, however it is a brilliant idea, maybe in the future it will be possible. Watch this space!