Easy Cut Hand Dispenser | 2 Pack by tesa

  • The tesafilm Easy Cut Hand Dispenser is an eco-friendly clear tape of superior quality. Free from PVC and any solvents, this transparent tape is made from 100% recycled plastics.

    The clear, multi-use eco tape unwinds silently and makes for perfect inconspicuous bonding on any visually demanding surface at home or work. The tesafilm Easy Cut Hand Dispenser is also a green alternative for crafting and decoration as well as an aesthetically pleasing solution to sealing envelopes, repairing torn documents or wrapping gifts. Being highly UV-resistant, the transparent tape also offers superior age resistance.

  • 1 mini hand dispenser and 1 roll of multi-use eco tape, 33m x 19mm (Approx. 108ft x 0.75in)

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