Easy Glue Sticks | 3 Pack by tesa

  • The tesa Easy Glue Stick is perfect for applying glue to most surfaces. This eco-friendly glue is ideal for sticking cardboard and paper as well as materials like photo prints to an album or designing birthday and Christmas cards. The unique triangular design of this craft glue not only prevents it from rolling away but it also ensures easy application of the glue in thin lines or dots.  

    The tesa Easy Glue Stick was made for easy and safe application and is made from 100% recycled plastic. The glue is odourless and free from any solvents and is based on 60% natural materials. This craft glue spreads easily, provides good adhesion and can be washed out by hand anytime.

  • 3 x 25g (Approx. 0.9oz) Glue Sticks

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