Essential Electronics Toolkit by iFixit

  • In today’s tech-driven world, we rely on our trusty devices for almost everything. And when they break, we’re at a loss. Now you can avoid tech stress (and unnecessary throwaways) with the right repair tools! Enter: the Essential Electronics Toolkit by iFixit. From smartphones to small appliances, laptops and more, this clever toolkit contains tested and precision-engineered tools for all types of tech – including detailed step-by-step guides – to be the ultimate fixit guru, all wrapped up in a compact magnetised case with a built-in sorting tray in the lid.

  • The Essential Electronics Toolkit by iFixit contains all the standard tools you need to open all kinds of devices:

    • Anti-static spudger
    • Six opening picks
    • Opening tool
    • Jimmy and suction cup
    • 16 precision screwdriver bits (S2 steel) 
    • Ultimate grip tweezers (to avoid any finger oils on delicate components)

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