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  • Sugru is the world’s first and only multi-purpose mouldable glue for all the family. Our Family-Safe | Skin-Friendly Formula is perfect for general everyday fixing and any projects involving kids or prolonged skin contact.

    • Ideal for family fixing and craft projects: fix, bond, seal, improve, mount and create stuff.

    • Made with ingredients mild enough for prolonged skin contact – even for little hands

    • Stick it, mould it, and it sets strong by turning into silicone rubber.

    • Easy to use, mould by hand, no tools and no mess.

    • Working time: 30–45 minutes. Curing time: 24 hours.

    • Advanced silicone technology that bonds permanently to lots of materials.

  • 8 x 5g single-use packs of Sugru Mouldable Glue in Orange, Yellow, Pink and Green ready for you to do 8 awesome fixes or projects.

  • This pack is best for all kinds of creative projects or those who love a bit of colour in their lives. Use to repair broken toys or customise shoes, game controllers and craft tools. Alternatively, mix up the shades and spread some psychedelic happiness around the home by hanging party lights or making vibrant phone bumpers.

You asked for it, we made it!

Over the years, families everywhere told us that their kids wanted to fix things too. Our huge challenge was to balance technical performance with chemistry mild enough for little hands. Now, after several years of development, we’ve cracked it! 

Hear from Jane, our CEO, and the parents and kids who put it to the test.

Meet our new Formula of Sugru


Kinder to your skin

Using a special combination of ingredients mild enough for even prolonged skin exposure, this is the formula of Sugru we recommend for creative and craft uses, as well as fixes that involve extended contact with your skin.