Fix & Create Kit – 12 Unique Ways To Mend, Make and Craft The Things You Love

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$14.99 $13.19

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  • Endless practical and creative possibilities live inside the Fix & Create Kit – perfect for anyone who enjoys fixing, making and creating. It’s packed with 12 uniquely creative repair and crafty maker projects, helpful tools, easy how-to guides, inspiring stories from fellow makers, and the most irresistibly useful multi-purpose mouldable glue. Learn how to organise your craft room, make jewellery, build rubber stamps for personalised wrapping paper and how to repair ceramics with KintsugruTM. You can even hang things without drilling. Plus, new techniques to deboss, texturise, design, upcycle, and playful and decorative ways to transform the things you love into anything you can imagine. 

  • Inside your kit you’ll find:

    4 x 3.5g (0.12oz) single-use packs of Sugru Mouldable Glue in Black, White, Grey and Red

    1 x booklet with 12 crafty projects, simple step-by-step instructions, inspiring stories and helpful tips and tricks

    3 x ingeniously repurposed tools (Texturing Thimble, Texturing Brush & Sugru Remover)

    1 x handy Sugru Tin for easy storage

  • Sugru is excellent for everyday fixing, including like-new invisible repairs, creative maker projects and upcycled crafts, as well as clever DIY ideas for the home indoors and out.

    Among the 12 crafty projects in this kit are creative jar DIY ideas, designs for sticky wall hooks, yarn grips, DIY gift ideas, how to organise your tools, and inventive ways to fix a broken zipper and conquer cable repair.

    There are no limits to what you can do with Sugru: fix, bond, seal, mount, make, create, improve, upcycle, even personalise. So, if you’re into creative repair, crafty making, and accomplishing imaginative little improvements and DIY hacks around the home, you can Sugru it! And the Fix & Create Kit will show you how.

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