Gold Kintsugi Repair Kit by Humade


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  • Celebrating the beauty of imperfection, the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi (meaning gold repair) originated in the late 15th century when broken ceramics were repaired with visible gold or silver seams resulting in beautiful, unique treasures. With the handy Gold Kintsugi Repair Kit by Humade, you’re able to mend any of your special objects made of ceramic, glass, wood, marble or hard plastic. The kit contains enough material for up to 10 repairs. Remember to let your repair dry for at least 48 hours to make sure that it’s food-safe!*

  • 1 x Gold Kintsugi Kit by Humade, which contains:

    • Two component glues
    • 4g (approx. 0.14oz) gold powder
    • Brush
    • Bamboo stirring sticks
    • Gloves
    • 10g (approx. 0.35oz) filling putty
    • Step-by-step detailed manual
  • *Whilst this product has no official food-safe certification, we have been assured by Humade (the company who make the kit) that the adhesives used in this kit have been used for many years to repair dining ware, cups and glasses, and is used regularly by themselves. For the safest use, please leave the repaired item to fully cure for 48 hours and rinse thoroughly before the first use.

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