'Create Me Gold' Textile Upcycle Kit by Humade

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    From The Netherlands comes this innovative product made by the ladies at Humade. With the new Create Me Textile Kit, you not only get to salvage and personalise beloved old or worn clothes, you also get to decorate anything from table napkins to bedding with these awesome iron-on transfers.

    Why we love this cool product

    Jane says “With all the different shape transfers included in this kit, you can make so many different sorts of patterns and looks. Depending on how you arrange them, they can look minimal, mid-century modern or even playful for kids. If you’ve grown tired of a garment or a pillow case, rather than buying new, have fun decorating and giving a new life to things instead!”

  • This textile repair kit includes more than 100 textile transfer iron-on shapes inspired by the colourful kids game Tangram. It gives you the opportunity to repair (a hole or tear), camouflage (a mark or stain) and/or personalise your textiles. 

  • Founded by sisters Gieke and Lotte, Humade is defined by a shared passion and true dedication to finding the right balance between man, product and space.

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