White Identity Theft Protection Roller Stamp by PLUS


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Sold out!

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    Forget tearing off personal information from your mail or getting the shredder out. Instead, keep your identity safe with this ingenious Camouflage Roller Stamp from PLUS. Permanently block out your name, address, account details, etc., and pop your envelopes, letters, and packaging straight into the recycling without worry, (or even better, re-use it!).

    Why we love this cool product

    “Just like the Plus Staple-Free Stapler, this is a cute and super useful tool. I keep the roller near my recycling bin. It makes it so much easier to deal with all my packages. Hold, roll & throw!”

  • 1 x Plus Camouflage Roller Stamp in White

  • Not suitable for non-absorbent materials as the ink will not dry

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