Dark Brown XL Leather Repair Patch by MastaPlasta

$17.95 $16.16
$17.95 $16.16
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    Annoying broken patches on your leather jacket, furniture or car upholstery? No problem with these award-winning self-adhesive instant repair patches. Cut the MastaPlasta XL patch to the size you need and slide it right on. The glue is super strong, so that patch is going nowhere. It also bonds to vinyl, suede and other materials. Made from eco-friendly ‘MastaHide’, it’s as soft and strong as real leather and suede. This patch is for a dark brown shade. We also have a black shade available here.

    Why we love this cool product

    “MastaPlasta makes it super easy to do a quick patch up of lots of materials, whether leather, vinyl, suede, or a leather alternative, MastaPlasta sticks and stays!”

  • 1 x XL MastaPlasta Self-Adhesive Repair Patch (28 x 20cm / 11 x 7.8in) in Dark Brown

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