Pocket Size Rapid Repair Kit by Merchant & Mills

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$20.99 $16.79

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Sold out!

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    We love a quick fix at Sugru and this Rapid Repair Kit by Merchant & Mills is the ultimate first aid for clothes. This beautifully etched silver tin comes complete with a mix of thread, pins, shirt buttons, tape measure and scissors. Drop it in your bag and off you go!

    Why we love this cool product

    Jane Says: “A stitch in time saves nine! This Merchant & Mills Rapid Repair Kit comes in a dinky tin so you can always keep it in your bag. I love mine and have more than once whipped it out to sew back a hem or patch my kids’ clothes. The quality is second to none - this kit will last and last.”

  • First Aid for Clothes! In a beautiful etched silver tin. Includes:

    • Black thread bobbin
    • White thread bobbin
    • Needles in glass tube
    • Pins
    • Safety pins (varied x 3)
    • Shirt buttons
    • Paper tape measure
    • Monogrammed scissors
  • Carolyn Denham and Roderick Field began Merchant & Mills in 2010 with the intention of bringing style and purpose to the overlooked world of sewing.

    Style: The decision was made to put style to work in presentation and packaging, as a language that would attract the very people that had hitherto overlooked sewing. Equally they were determined to include the steadfast makers and menders who had continued regardless of current trends.

    Purpose: in supplying patterns, fabrics and tools that allowed the creation of a desirable functioning wardrobe. They offered a viable, wearable alternative to the increasingly indistinguishable options of the high street.

    Merchant & Mills continues to grow steadily, evolving and developing as experience and ideas demand. Carolyn and Roderick now travel the world in search of unique and beautiful fabrics, finding aesthetic and practical inspiration along the way. Merchant & Mills products are stocked in the world’s most respected outlets and the company has successfully collaborated with London’s V&A Museum and Alexander McQueen

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