Multicolour Solar LED Festoon Lights in by Elan

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    Use the space in your garden or backyard to create a warm and colourful glow with these multicoloured solar-powered lights. They’re stylish and there’s no need for plugs and outdoor power sources. See how to hang them easily with Sugru!

    Why we love this cool product

    “These lights look so pretty and liven up any area with a bit of colour.”

  • 1 x Set of 20 Multicolour Solar Festoon LEDs (Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green)

    • 20 festoon lights (5cm diameter) on a 10m string
    • Run time of up to 10 hours from a full charge
    • 2m of cable between solar panel and first LED bulb
    • Replaceable AA rechargeable batteries (rechargeable battery is included)
    • High grade polycrystalline solar panel
    • Turn on automatically at night and turn off automatically at dawn (on/off switch also included)
    • Low voltage, safe to use year round outdoors

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