tesa packaging tapes

Simple to use

Suitable for all abilities.


No mess, no fuss.

Carefully selected

Hand-picked by our Sugru gurus. 

Eco clear tape being used to seal a box

Super strong sealing power

Green Eco tape being used to seal a box

Solvent-free adhesives

Packaging Tape laying on the table

Made from recycled or recyclable materials

Q: Do you have a fully recyclable packaging tape?

A: Our Brown Box It Eco Tape is the ideal choice. Made from 60% bio-based materials, and with a solvent-free adhesive coating, it can be recycled along with the cardboard.

Q: What’s the best tape for sending gifts?

We’d recommend the Clear Box It Eco Tape, it makes for a neat and almost invisible seal on a package, and it’s made from 100% recycled plastics.

Q: Can I get a quieter packaging tape?

The Box It Eco Tapes silently unwind for an effortless application. No more of that awful skrrrrkk sound!