Plastic Free Kitchen Starter Kit by VIDA Natural

$30 $18
$30 $18
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    Start your journey to zero waste with this plastic-free kitchen set from Vida Natural. Replace your plastic washing-up liquid bottles and micro plastic-filled sponges with a wooden washing-up brush with plant fibre bristles and plastic-free reusable sponges.

    Why we love this cool product

    “How clever is a soap block for your washing up? We can now forget the plastic bottles and scrub those dishes clean guilt-free.”

  • 1 x Long Handle Wooden Washing Up Brush with Plant Fibre Bristles

    2 x Plastic Free Reusable Sponges - Made of Cellulose Plant Fibre

    1 x Dish Washing Soap Block - Lemon Scented

    1 x Wooden Soap Rack

    1 x Mesh Fruit and Vegetable Bag

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