Benefits of using Sugru to fix plastics

Holds up to 2kg/4.4lb

Once fully set**, a single-use pack can hold up to 600x its own weight. 


Flexibility, combined with strong adhesion, ensures that your fixes don’t become brittle or crack.

Electrically Insulating

Like other silicones, it has good thermal and electrical insulation properties***.

*Sugru does not bond to oily plastics like polypropylene, polyethylene or Teflon.

**Depending on the thickness of the application, for load-bearing projects, allow up to 48 hours for Sugru to fully set.

***Be careful with electricity. Stick to small consumer electronics repairs, low current and below 24 volts.

Multi-purpose fixing

Mount bike lights

Fix and mount electronics

Q: Can I use Sugru to bond plastics?

A: Yes! Sugru can be used to stick to a wide range of plastics! Like most adhesives, Sugru will struggle to bond to plastics with oily finishes, such as polypropylene, polyethylene, and Teflon™.

Q: Is Sugru plastic glue waterproof?

A: Yes! Sugru is waterproof so can be used on fixes where there may be tears, or leaks. Just keep in mind that at the moment, Sugru is not certified as food-safe, so we don't recommend using it in applications where it would come into contact with food or drink.