Gold Iron-on Patches Cover-Up Kit by Humade

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$18.49 $14.79
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    Golden iron-on patches to celebrate imperfections

    Do you have a treasured garment with a mark, stain or imperfection that you just can’t remove? No worries, now you can give the garment a new life with remarkable. This amazing solution is a kit containing quirky, delicate, golden iron-on patches. Each patch will turn any imperfection into something remarkable, as if you’ve been hit by some flying golden paint.

    Designed by Humade in the Netherlands, remarkable is part of a new mindset against waste. Each kit comes with a sheet of golden iron-on marks, a piece of felt, some baking foil and an easy step-by-step manual.

    Why we love this cool product

    Jane says: “You can, of course, also use these brilliant patches on clothes and bedding without imperfections. Customising often extends the life of things by making them feel more special and unique to you. Have fun!”

  • The kit contains:

    • 1 sheet with 17 gold iron-on patches/marks in various sizes
    • 1 sheet of ironing paper (baking paper)
    • 1 piece of felt
    • A step-by-step guide
    • Kit dimensions: 15cm x 20cm

    You can use a single patch for each imperfection, or you can combine them to cover larger areas or make your desired shape.

  • This kit is very easy to use. The only additional tools you need are scissors to cut out the shape and an iron. It is recommended to use the iron at 150°C cotton temperature, without steam. If you are worried about damaging your garment with the iron, use the ironing paper, or use the iron on the reverse side of your garment.

    If you feel that the patch has not been stuck on properly, use the iron for a little longer and check the result every few seconds so as not to damage your garment.

    Made in the Netherlands by Dutch sisters Lotte and Giek, remarkable was designed to change our approach to imperfections on clothes and to celebrate them rather than throwing away.

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