Sashiko Japanese Mending Kit by Sewing with Kate

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    If you’re into sashiko-style mending (a Japanese form of visible repair) but don't know where to start, well why not give this a go? A beginners kit by the founder of Sewing with Kate blog, which has everything you need to start mending jeans and other clothing. Easy step-by-step guides along with all the tools and fabric you need to get started, this kit is the perfect gateway into mending your own threads. Ready, steady, sew!

    Why we love this cool product

    “Sashiko is such a beautiful style of repair. Much like the other Japanese art of kintsugi, it’s about visible but stunning mending - we don’t just fix it, we make it unique.”

    • An easy-to-follow, step-by-step starter guide to sashiko-style mending
    • 2 x Skeins of Olympus sashiko thread from Japan (white and a surprise contrasting colour)
    • 2 x Olympus sashiko needles from Japan
    • 3 x Unique pre-cut patch fabrics (see note below)
    • Fabric pins
    • Fluorescent orange sewing thread for basting (temporarily stitching) fabric in place
    • Sticky water-soluble stabiliser, pre-printed with a dot grid (the easiest, quickest way to transfer designs onto fabric)
  • Made by Sewing with Kate in Sydney, Australia, from Japanese and Australian materials.

    Each kit contains one-of-a-kind natural fabrics (high-quality linen, denim and/or cotton remnants or offcuts to reduce fabric waste); fabrics and thread colours shown are for reference only.

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