Self-bonding tape

self bonding tape being applied to engines

Strong & durable

Self bonding tape being applied to pipes

Perfect for sealing and insulating

Self bonding tape applied to pipes and a water hose

For indoor and outdoor use

Benefits of self-bonding tape

Simple to use

Suitable for all abilities. 


No mess, no fuss.

Carefully selected

Hand-picked by our Sugru gurus. 

Q: What is self-bonding tape good for?

A: It can be used as an electrical tape to temporarily insulate damaged cables or as a plumbers tape for temporary tube and pipe repairs. Perfect for sealing and insulating DIY jobs around the home and garden as well as in the great outdoors, there’s not much that this roll of tape can’t handle.

Q: How do these self-bonding tapes differ from other tapes?

A: The tesa self-bonding repair tapes are 12 bar pressure-resistant, so can be used on household pipes to temporarily repair water leaks. They can also withstand up to 8000V of electrical resistance, making them ideal for temporary fixes on electrical wires.

Q: Can these self-bonding tapes be used on outdoor repairs?

A: Yes! These versatile tapes are weatherproof and UV-resistant, and offer great adhesion within a temperature range of -60°C to +260°C. Perfect for using in cold or hot weather.