Silver Iron-on Patches Cover-Up Kit by Humade

  • Every stain has a silver lining! We couldn’t resist that. But seriously, with Humade’s new reMARKable Silver Iron-on Patches Cover-Up Kit, you can turn any stubborn stain into a work of art. This kit was designed as part of Humade’s new mindset against waste and we’re here for it! It includes everything you need to make a ‘remarkable’ improvement on your favourite items with imperfections that won’t disappear, from napkins to jumpers, even sneakers. You can also use these quirky patches on items that are perfectly fine, just to add a super fun element.

  • 1 x Silver Iron-on Patches Cover-Up Kit, including:

    • sheet of silver iron-on patches
    • piece of felt
    • baking foil
    • easy step-by-step manual

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