Non-Slip Rug Tape, 5cm x 10m by tesa

  • Sliding rugs and fraying carpets are a thing of the past with tesa’s Non-Slip Rug Tape, a self-adhesive carpet tape developed with sustainability and the environment in mind.

    This tape offers great adhesion on almost any floor type - it’s the fast and easy way to ensure that your carpets stay in place. It’s easily tearable by hand, which makes for much faster and easier work. Fixing a carpet with tesa’s Non-Slip Rug Tape only involves a few simple steps:

    1. Tear off however much tape you need depending on your floor covering
    2. Press it firmly onto the surface of the floor
    3. Pull off the paper liner protecting the upper self-adhesive coating
    4. Position the carpet and press it against the tape
    5. That's it! You can now rest assured that your rug or carpet won’t be going anywhere. 

    Made from 100% recycled plastics, this tape has a solvent-free adhesive coating and is packaged in recycled shrink-foil. Also available in 5cm x 25m.

  • 1 roll x tesa Double-Sided Pro Nature Tape 5cm x 10m (approx. 2in x 33ft)

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