Quick Tape Desk Dispenser by tesa

$8.49 $6.99
$8.49 $6.99
  • The tesa Quick Tape Desk Dispenser is a tape dispenser that’s unique for being compact and bringing a touch of elegance to your desktop. It’s a lightweight anti-slip tape dispenser designed for convenient one-hand operation, thanks to its stop-pad, making it a super versatile home and office accessory. 

    Always there when (and wherever) you need it, the tesa Quick Tape Desk Dispenser offers the easiest way to provide a strip of tesafilm at precisely the length you need. The stop-pad works without an adhesive, so you can pick it up and pop it down wherever you need it, but it will also stay put, and it won’t leave any marks either.

    Not only is it super functional, this reusable desk tape dispenser is environmentally-friendly too, being made from 100% recycled plastic.

  • 1 x tesa Quick Tape Desk Dispenser with 2 rolls of tape 19mm x 33m (approx. 0.75in x 108ft)

  • This dispenser can be used with any roll of tesafilm tapes with a width up to 19 mm (0.75in) and a length of up to 33 m (108ft). If the stop-pad gets a bit dusty after some use, simply clean it under running water to re-activate its stickiness.

    Dispenser Dimensions: Height: 83mm (3.3in), Width: 140mm (5.5in), Depth: 70mm (2.75in)

    Tape size: 19 mm x 33 m (approx 0.75in x 108ft)

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