Bug-Free Window Screen by tesa

$24.99 $15.99
$24.99 $15.99
  • tesa Bug-Free Window Screen is a flexible insect repellent, designed to free your home from any annoying little invaders. It matches most windows equipped with outside shutters or window boxes. The tesa Bug-Free Window Screen allows you to open and close your windows as normal, while keeping your home free from bugs, spiders, mosquitos, flies, wasps and any other little critters. Installation is fast and easy. Mounting the screen only takes a few minutes, with no need for power tools. We love that here at Sugru.

    To install your screen:

    1. Thoroughly clean your window frame to ensure a good bond
    2. Stick the base of the self-adhesive hook tape against the window frame
    3. Press the black netting carrier tape against this tape
    4. Use the pressing tool to firmly press the netting against the carrier
    5. That’s it, you’re now insect free!

    Oh and if you need to remove it at a later date, the tape can also be taken off anytime without leaving any residue. Brilliant!

  • The tesa Insect Stop Open/Close Window Screen pack contains:

    • 1 x Fine mesh screen material 1.3m x 1.5m (approx. 4.26ft x 4.92ft)
    • 2 x Adhesive hook and loop roll
    • 1 x Cutting tool
    • 1 x Pressing tool

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