Stick Anything Double-Sided Tape, 2 Pack by tesa

  • tesa's Stick Anything Double-Sided Tape is a highly versatile, and durable double-sided tape that’s great for floor-laying, and suitable for a wide range of other applications too!

    This tape stands out for its secure and reliable adhesion on almost any flat and smooth surface. Suitable for all sorts of handicraft applications, using tesa Stick Anything Double-Sided Tape is easier than using liquid glues. It is a multi-purpose double-sided self-adhesive tape that perfectly sticks on most smooth surfaces (just make sure they’re dry first). An easy-to-apply fixing tape that can also permanently attach lightweight decorative objects onto the wall. It’s ready for both big and small jobs!

  • 2 rolls x Universal Double-Sided Tape, 50mm x 10m (approx. 2in x 33ft)

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