Kits on the go

Stop the water tooth tabs packet

Handy & compact

Rebel tech kit and contents laying on a table

Be ready for anything

Bicycle repair kit on front of bike

Pocket-size for your travels

Benefits of travel kits

Carefully selected

Hand-picked by our Sugru gurus. 

Easy to use

Perfect for beginners.

Save money

Great value! 

Q: What is meant by travel kit?

A: We have curated a variety of compact and practical gear, that can be pocketed or slipped into a bag, to help you stay prepared for anything whilst on the move.

Q: I don't have much space, which travel kits can fit in my pocket?

A: We have a selection of travel kits that are ideal for popping in your pocket when you're on the go. Stay one step ahead with the Bicycle Repair Kit, the Eyeglasses Repair Kit and the Emergency Tech kit from Kikkerland. Have the Pocket Size Rapid Repair Kit by Merchant & Mills to hand, for any sewing disaster whilst out and about. Keep a pack of Waterless Mint Tooth Tabs by Stop the Water! around for those last minute changes to your plan.

Q: Help! I’ve stained my favourite shirt while travelling, what can I use to fix it?

A: Don't panic, the Gold Iron-on Patches by Humade is the perfect travel kit for covering up permanent stains and hiding small holes when disaster strikes. All whilst adding a bit of extra style too 😉.