SwissTool Spirit X by Victorinox

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    Sometimes you need more than a simple pocket knife. And when that time comes there’s not much that beats the SwissTool Spirit X. It's an entire toolbox, elegantly packaged into a single sophisticated multi-tool. It's a go-anywhere, do-anything, know-it-all of a product. You'll find a million uses for this workhorse at home, at work or way out in nature.

    Why we love this cool product

    Jane Says: "My Dad gave me this tool for my 21st birthday. It’s very much like a leatherman but with some extra features and in my opinion a more durable design. Well, in the two decades that I’ve owned it, I use it about once a week - it’s so handy for small jobs around the house and garden it’s just become my go-to before the toolbox! And it’s just as good today as the first day I got it. I absolutely love it. Bonus idea: we store it on the front of our fridge with a Sugru + magnet hack, so I always know where to find it quickly."

  • The Swiss Tool X has 24 functions (yes 24, no more no less)

    1. needle-nosed pliers
    2. wire cutter for thin and soft wire up to 40 HRC
    3. hard wire cutter
    4. large blade
    5. Phillips screwdriver 1/2
    6. reamer, punch
    7. multipurpose hook
    8. can opener
    9. screwdriver 3 mm
    10. bottle opener
    11. screwdriver 6 mm
    12. crate opener
    13. wire bender
    14. scissors
    15. wood saw
    16. metal saw
    17. metal file
    18. screwdriver 2 mm
    19. chisel 7 mm
    20. cable cover longitudinal cutter
    21. cable cover crossways cutter
    22. wire stripper and scraper
    23. lanyard hole
    24. coupling for corkscrew
  • The SwissTool Spirit X also Includes Leather pouch - which is always a lovely bonus!

    Height: 18mm

    Net Weight: 209.1g 

    Scale material: stainless steel 

    Blade lockable: Yes 

    One hand blade: No

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