Desert Palm Crochet Your Own Planter Kit by WOOL & THE GANG

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$40 $24
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    They say you can’t buy class so we say make it instead! This aptly named Oh La La Plant Hanger by Wool and the Gang, is a beginner kit that combines crochet and macrame. Take a crash course in crocheting chains and basic macrame knot techniques and give your plants the lift they need!

    Why we love this cool product

    Jane Says: "Who doesn’t need a beautiful way to display their houseplants? The retro cool of this project was incredibly easy to make, and makes for a brilliant gift for someone who loves crafting and houseplants, but who also likes to keep things simple. Get one for yourself too and don’t forget to use some Sugru to fashion a hook to hang it from."

  • 1 x Roll of Ra-Ra Raffia in Desert Palm

    1 x Oh La La Plant Hanger Pattern

    1 x 4.5mm Crochet Hook

    1 x Trigger Ring

    1 x Sewing Needle

    1 x Made-by-Me label

    • Size & Fit - one size, 112cm L
    • Time to make - 24 hours
    • Once you've completed this beginner kit you'll master : How to hold your hook, How to make a slip knot, How to make a chain stitch, How to weave in your ends, How to make a wrap knot, How to make an overhand knot
    • This kit is made with  crochet-friendly yarn made of 100% wood fibre - light, vegan and eco-friendly! 250 metres/ 273 yards per 100-gram roll

      Something you should know
      Your plant hanger is made by firstly crocheting chains, then using basic macrame knot techniques to tie your pieces together.

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