create and craft kit unboxed

Crafters, rejoice!


A collection of awesome projects that mix the playful and decorative with the insanely useful. From organising your workspace and customising your craft tools, to building beautiful repairs, handcrafting treasures and everything in between. 

Our new Create & Craft kit will be your new best friend, whether you're a seasoned crafter or a first-time maker. Sugru is something no creative project should be without because its the hardest working glue in the craft business. Now, let's get crafty.

For all your crafting needs

Customise your tools

crafting tools customised with sugru

Upgrade and modify your craft weapon of choice for ultimate comfort

Elevate your repairs

Prolong the life of the things you love by repairing them beautifully

Make your mark

Design your own stylish gifts, cards and wrapping paper by adding a personal touch

Everything you'll need

  • A booklet with 16 unique ideas and how-to guides to stamp, upcycle and personalise your things
  • 4 single use packs of Sugru in red, white, black, and grey
  • 2 tools for texturising your Sugru creations
  • A handy storage tin

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“#3 - 32 Essential Tools everyone should own”

“Fix or improve just about anything”

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