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Time for a Spring clean? Sugru to the rescue!

kitchen utensils on a copper rail fixed with sugru

Nothing beats the feeling of having a proper clear out of your living spaces. After all, Spring is in the air signalling a fresh start. So we're here to help you turn a new leaf with lots of brilliant Sugru projects to organise and improve your spaces. Scroll down and get inspired. 

We also have a brand new Organise Small Spaces starter kit filled with clever hacks to make the most of your home. 

How to organise your shower without drilling

A shower is supposed to be zen, but it turns into a bit of a nightmare when you end up slipping and sliding on a bar of soap that doesn't have a home. Or perhaps you're always trampling on your shampoo bottles that somehow end up all over the floor time and time again.  

Well, with Sugru, you can get that under control in no time. Here's a super easy guide on how to mount a corner basket and make handy hooks with Sugru to organise your shower.  No drilling, no mess! 

shower corner basket fixed with Sugru
mugs hung up with sugru hooks

How to make useful DIY hooks in the kitchen

We all have our favourite mug, but that doesn't mean the others should be left in the dark.  With Sugru, you can make handy hooks to display a collection of your mugs, without drilling. 

It's a practical and decorative kitchen solution - your mugs will be easily accessible for when you want a nice cup of tea and you'll have extra space in your kitchen cupboards. Nice! Here's what you'll need to get this project done.

How to add key storage to your shelves

We've all been there - we're about to leave the house, but can't find the keys. It's one of the most frustrating parts of any morning routine, but luckily it can be solved so easily. 

You can make the most out of your shelf space with this practical solution, so forgetting where you put the keys can be a thing of the past. Here's a handy tutorial on how you can add key storage with magnets and Sugru to any shelf. 

keys hung up with sugru and magnets
pot lids organised with sugru hooks

How to organise your pot lids

Cooking can be great fun - but things can go south if your cookery is  a mess. Sugru is a great tool to colour code your pot lids and make them easily accessible.

Learn how you can organise your pot cupboard with this clever Sugru hack, so that you can enjoy your time in the kitchen with out hassle. 

More ideas to get inspired

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New Organise Small Spaces Kit

14 Clever ideas to organise your home

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The ultimate organising kit. We've gathered together some handy tools, a collection of great projects and packs of Sugru to help you create smart living spaces. Interested?