22 inspiring ways sugru makes life more peaceful

Life is full of sounds — good ones and bad. To stay sane, we learn to block out the bad ones - doors that bang, car parts that rattle, chairs that screech on the floor and plates that clatter... Well, sugru lets you tackle the bad sounds and tip the balance towards the sound of rain on the roof and the leaves rustling in the trees... ahhh much better.

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Let's start with those pesky doors...

1. Add bumpers to your doors

This is a popular one! Loads of sugru-ers have added bumpers to their doors and handles. Turn a BANG into a satisfying BOMF!

2. Stop internal doors slamming

Dave lives in a 150-year-old renovated house which just happens to be in what he calls "the windiest city in the world!" (any guesses?) "The doors have some give, and in the wind they constantly rattle and bang." So he moulded some sugru in the corner as a buffer.

3. Silence the rattling

Put an end to those distracting sounds, like this awesome hack from Barbara in the Netherlands.

“The door kept on moving back and forth in the wind, making annoying sounds!”

4. Transform things into beautiful doorstops

Here's one from sugru HQ, where all doors have a tendency to SLAM shut! As sugru will stick to most materials (yes even stone) you can turn almost anything into a handy doorstop. This one was made by Jane herself, who sugru-ed a bunch of stones together into this cool looking stack.

5. Transform a boring doorstop

tweet tweet!

6. Use the force!

Smart thinking here from Andrea. He used the powerful repelling force of the neodymium magnets in our sugru + magnets kit to stop his fridge door banging. Here's the guide on Instructables.

7. Prevent bangs and scrapes on your car doors

"I know this won’t be a big deal to some, but this is a lifesaver for me. My 4-year old granddaughter loves to get out of the car by herself, she gives the door a shove and BAM! Invariably she hits the carport and dings the door! sugru is the cure for my problem!"

8. Muffle the sound of a loud door knocker

Shaun from Dublin lives in a tiny old cottage with an inappropriately loud door-knocker.

"Every time a postal worker, delivery person, or vote-seeking politician knocks, the entire house shakes. This sugru hack has happily muffled the knocking (but not so much that I miss the pizza deliveries!)."

Create some peace & quiet in your bathroom

9. Replace missing bumpers on your toilet seat

Don't live with this horrible clattering sounds anymore. A minipack of sugru makes a great replacement bumper for your toilet seat.

You could also add a couple of little bumpers to stop the lid banging too — smart eh?

10. Redesign your noisy light pulls

Metal on tile clashes are nobody's friend.

"I was really pleased with my new cleanable metal light pulls, but in the end I had to wrap them in rubber bands to protect tiles and the painted radiator. But that completely defeated the object of getting cleanable ones! With a few strips of sugru I have customised my own, which don't damage the bathroom and loo walls." — Clever thinking from Pippa

11. Save the glass shower door

"The glass shower door used to bang off the side of the sink all the time, making a loud noise and making us nervous that one day it might crack. I made a little sugru bumper on the sink so it just bounces now." — James, London.

Arrghhh please, please stop the scraping!

12. Silence those horrible scraping chairs

This one's popular for a reason, it's a no-brainer. We all know that awful scraping noise, so let's not dwell on it. Just do it and make the world a better place one chair at a time.

13. Noise proof your dinner plates

"I have some plastic bowls that have rubber rings on the ends, and I love how silent they are on the worktop, table, or shelf. I decided to add the same noise-reducing feature to my plates. They are so satisfying to put down on the table now!" — Jane

Plus it makes them non-slip too :)

14. Dampen noisy metal dog food bowls

We'll let Cian from Ireland tell the story behind this one.

"I used some sugru to put feet on our metal dog bowls, because our six dogs would make a right din when they were eating! I showed these to my brother when I was raving about sugru and he seemed nonplussed.

My brother: "Could you not just have used rubber feet?', he asked.

Me: "I could... but rubber feet can't be put in the dishwasher."

My brother: "Ahhhh," he says as the penny drops, "that's brilliant!"

— did you spot Buddy's big debut in our new sugru VS noise video? :)

Silence those annoying rattles...

15. Silence a rattling bike mudguard

Ingmar was being driven made by the rattling on his bicycle. So he used sugru to silence the pesky noise and brought a little heavenly silence to his journey.

16. Stop a motorcycle mirror vibrating

Peter had been searching for a way to stop the mirror vibrating on his awesome motorbike. "It works super well it's awesome, there is pretty much no vibrating at all on the mirror now."

17. Resurface worn out wheel a suitcase

Danilo's trolley suitcase had been put through it's paces around the world. "It was still perfect on the outside, but the rubber cover on the wheels were destroyed at an airport somewhere and it became very, very noisy to use. I used some black sugru, used some soapy water to make it smooth. Now it's Perfect as new, smooth and quiet"

18. Silence a noisy food processor

Rachel and Bruce came up with this smart idea. "Our food processor was missing a little piece that made it rattle REALLY loud when it was on. So we made a little sugru grommet and it stopped the noise!"

19. Stop the glass in a greenhouse from rattling

Norah lost the metal clips that kept the glass in place in his greenhouse and it rattled loudly in the wind. He solved it using a little sugru.

20. Muffle your dog's jangling tags

"Our one year old son Orson and our dog Chief are best buddies." — t'awww

"Anytime our son hears his collar jingling he gets really excited. But this was a problem, when nap time came and Chief got an itch it woke Orson up every time! A little sugru on two parts of the collar did the trick! The house is a little more quite and nap time is uninterrupted!" — what a cute story from Adam :D

21. Stop crutches clattering to the floor

Anyone who’s ever used crutches will know, balancing them against a table or wall never really works. They invariably crash to the floor in a noisy and embarrassing heap as you hop around trying to pick them up. We used our sugru + magnets kit we added a simple feature so that your crutches just click together, making them stable and balanced — you're going to wonder why all crutches aren't like this.

22. Make a DIY shock absorber on your tennis racquet

"This fix solves two problems at once! First, it's a string dampener that never falls off! Second, it is fully customizable in terms of weight and spread across strings. It's amazing!" — nice thinking from Ed

Wimbledon seems to have some strange cosmic effect on half of Britain each year. For two weeks in the summer people spontaneously dig out racquets from under the stairs and head for the local park. This year try turning that TWANG into a satisfying THUMP. Check out the homepage for loads more sugru inspiration.

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